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Chuck Gallagher, CSP,
Author and Speaker Virtual Event!
January 15, 2022

JUMPSTART Your 2022!

All right, let's be frank - as speakers most of us have been through speaking hell with the dramatic changes that the pandemic has created.  We're not the only ones, but if we want to survive and even thrive moving forward we've got to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and jumpstart our marketing efforts. 


Our success is dependent on what we do.  SO -  JUMPSTART YOUR 2022 is a face-paced program chocked full of tips and strategies that are working.  Be prepared to take notes, even record the session, but whatever you do - take action and create a 2022 for yourself that is amazing.

Speaker, Author, VP in a Public Company, CSP, and owner of Primeau Productions - is it possible that Chuck Gallagher could spin any more plates.  Known in the speaking world for his strong position on ethics and ethical behavior, Chuck Gallagher is an active member of NSA, starting in North Texas and now in the Carolinas.  His subject is generally ethics, but his passion is growing businesses and paying it forward.  Whether he's working with companies or associations speaking or helping speakers and others businesses with their video needs, Chuck loves the creative side that enhances sales.